Our Community will have to be concrete, visible, and tangible. A Community not too big, not too small, defined by the territory, endowed with immense powers, a Community that gives to all the activities that necessary coordination, that efficiency, that respect of the human personality,of the culture and the art that human civilization has created in its best places

Adriano Olivetti (Il cammino della Comunità)

After ten years i we have reflected on the path taken so far, on the results achieved and we pictured our future. Malazè cannot just be a showcase of the Phlegraean Fields region only for two weeks a year. Therefore, we have created the hashtag #tipicamenteflegreo (Typically Phlegraean), which we are expecting in a couple of years to make it into a true trademark of territorial area of quality, which will always have to go with the best and the good of our land and sea. We want to look at the future in an innovative way to responsibly create richness in the food sector, as well as in the cultural and social area, in the new digital technologies and in the design. But we have not forgotten our past. We know that in the world of globalization the roots can make the difference, because they are the distinctive factors of competitiveness which, as localized knowledge, characterize and define a geographic and social space from another one. That is why we wanted to engage the elderly of our region in the Preview. A strong and beautiful emotion which will stay, forever, in our collection of experiences in this wonderful journey that over time Malazè and the Community have become. The collaborative mindset is in our DNA and we have always formed a network. This year, we welcome in our project another important partner: “Ravello Creative Lab” which has greatly contributed to create and grow the Festival of Ravello. Let us unite our energy, just as we should always do in our southern part of the country. Malazè becomes: #tipicamenteflegreo – taste the art. To the over 100 high quality events, which will lead you to discover the most beautiful spots of our territory, we will have also the events presented by Ravello Creative Lab: very high profile artistic performances, and more, which will take place in the most important sites of the Phlegraean Fields and will contribute to make this 10th Edition of Malazè a starting point for a new and exciting journey.

We will start over from MalaZero!