Friday, September 15

Anchovy tree

ARTeMIDE - Cantine dell'Averno - Mariella Fabbris
Pozzuoli Averno Lake - Cantine dell'Averno
At 8,00 PM
Let's immerse yourself in Mediterranean flavors and ancient stories, tasting bread and anchovy and wine. Wrapped in an exciting story "The Anchovy Tree", freely taken from the book by Nico Orengo "The Leap of Anchovies" and played by Mariella Fabbris.
Anchovy is the protagonist, the putin, caught and transformed with a unique and precious scent that knows the sea and the smells of the garden, edited by Mariella and Emilio
The blue fish of our gulf will be introduced by Fulvio Giugliano of the Consortium of fishery management of Campania.
Ticket participation € 30,00
For info, cost and booking, mandatory, tel. 3471594511 -

Cibus de beatitudine
Home like Gallery - Arch. Nuccia Filomena Lucci
Bacoli - Baia 

At 7.30 PM
Does man today have different reflections, different needs, horizons, and happiness? What happiness do we have, what happiness are we looking for? At "Home. Like.Gallery "for MAlazè Dinner Convivium on happiness" Cibus de beatitudine ". There will be exposed works by themes by Phlegrean artists and will banquet by eating and drinking happiness. A gourmet meal will be served that will stimulate the palate, a wine that will stimulate taste and smell, watching Art. Guests will be seated at the table with the artist artists and eating happiness will be heard and the new concept of Happiness will be defined.
Ticket participation € 10,00
For info and booking, mandatory tel. 3335209334 -
Home like Gallery - Via Scotto d'Aniello 4 - Baia - Bacoli