Friday, September 8

ArcheoGustiamo i Campi Flegrei

Restaurant da Fefè – Farmhouse Don salvatore

Monte di Procida - Agriturismo Don Salvatore at 5.30 pm - Bacoli - To Fefè at 8.30 PM

An unforgettable guided tour of the Roman necropolis and the characteristic village of Casale of the hamlet. Back to the farm and aperitif based on Falanghina, according to tradition. Following lunch at the edge of the sea, in the spotlight of Casevecchie in Bacoli, married by Bruno Esposito's handsome hands of the restaurant "Da Fefè" and by chefs Luigi Colandrea and Ciro Albergo.
Participation fee € 35,00

For info and booking required, tel.0815233011 - 3299657837 -

Agriturismo Don Salvatore Via Cappella, 313 - Monte di Procida - Fefe Via della Shoah, 16 - Bacoli

Cibus de beatitudine
Home like Gallery - Arch. Nuccia Filomena Lucci
Bacoli - Baia 

At 7.30 PM
Does man today have different reflections, different needs, horizons, and happiness? What happiness do we have, what happiness are we looking for? At "Home. Like.Gallery "for MAlazè Dinner Convivium on happiness" Cibus de beatitudine ". There will be exposed works by themes by Phlegrean artists and will banquet by eating and drinking happiness. A gourmet meal will be served that will stimulate the palate, a wine that will stimulate taste and smell, watching Art. Guests will be seated at the table with the artist artists and eating happiness will be heard and the new concept of Happiness will be defined.
Ticket participation € 10,00
For info and booking, mandatory tel. 3335209334 -
Home like Gallery - Via Scotto d'Aniello 4 - Baia - Bacoli

Bradisism between history and geology Nemea - Vivara Onlus
Pozzuoli - Temple of Serapide
Hours 18.00
Macellum, a witness to bradysism, historical - archaeological - geological illustration. Take a stroll through the historic center of Pozzuoli to discover the history of the city and the Phlegraan Fields. The land of fire for the Greeks, the entrance to Hades for the Romans.
The visit will end with the Serapide cafe's aperitif
Ticket participation € 10,00 per person
Info and booking, compulsory, tel 3881019712 - 3477845281 -

Twenty shots of Antonio Cangiano between myth, history, nature and archeology

Antonio Cangiano and Mangiafoglia Napoli Restaurant

Mangiafoglia Restaurant

The aim of the photojournalist Antonio Cangiano is to focus on key locations of the Phlegrean Fields, offering the spectator a visit to the ardent earth that the ancient Romans chose as the goal of their own otium. The Eat Meal will elude the Phlegrean Fields by offering a special "flegreo" menu for the duration of the exhibition for a price of € 25.00.
Presentation of the exhibition on September 8 at 19:00.
There will be a "flegreo" dinner for € 25,00 per person.
Free admission from Saturday 2 to Tuesday 19 September
Info: 081414631 - 3711899616 -
Restaurant Mangiafoglia - Via Giosuè Carducci, n ° 32 - Naples