Presentation Malazè 2017

Again this year the Malazè community accomplishes its miracle, for the twelfth time for precision. I know, it may seem exaggerated to use this term, but there are really so many efforts to put together more than seventy events and about 140 subjects who ...

In these years, Malazè has become a real widespread laboratory of territorial innovation, so we have decided to create two real ribs: "Malazè Experience", which collects companies and associations aiming at developing experiential tourism, and "Malazè Onlus" which puts in place that cultural network of subjects that in these years have turned around Malazè.

Malazè Experience, will be composed of different professionalisms that in these years patiently worked on this project and it is for these subjects that the Association Campi Flegrei a Tavola has decided to donate the Malazè brand without receiving anything in return, but sharing with these operators a Common goal, which is to enhance the Phlegrean Fields at 360 degrees for 365 days a year. In short, we want to venture to make business to bring many travelers to experience the Campi Flegrei experience, a land that has many potential but is still under-utilized.

As for Malazè Onlus (after the wrecked dream of the Foundation), which will be presented in September, is a different subject but with the same matrix of Malazè: it will be a real community workshop, the result of experiences and intelligences that in these Years have generated value. It will be a process facilitator: every year we will choose 2 - 3 projects and we will try to promote them.


Rosario Mattera, Founder Malazè