Quarto (cited in many maps and pubblications as Quarto Flegreo) isan Italian municipality, part of the Metropolitan City of Naples, situated north-west ofNaples, in the Phleagraean hinterland.
The territory of the municipality corresponds to the so-called "Piana diQuarto" (Plain of Quarto): a depression of the subsoil in elliptical shapesurrounded by a belt of hills and caused by a strong volcanic activity,highly explosive.
The crater of Quarto is the biggest of the Plegraean Fields.

Integral part of the history of the Plegraean Fields, the area of Quarto is of fairarcheological relevance.
If on one side it is true that Romans founded Quarto, it is also true that(as the finding of prehistorical traces and rnaments that go back to theMiddle Bronze Age in the hill area and in the locality of San Petrillotestify) its territory already used to have a role of a certain importance;probably due to the proximity with Cuma.
As said above, Quarto was founded by the Romans, whom left cleartraces of their presence, even if we want to consider the majorinfrastructural works made on the territory.