Saturday, September 16

"On the Tracks of Aeneas" - Emotions Without Time
Kyme Archaeological Group and Artemide Association
Archaeological Park and Regional Forest of Cuma
At 10.30 AM to 2.30 PM
Guided visit to the Archaeological Park and the Regional Forest of Cuma on naturalistic and archaeological aspects with hints of Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology.
Performance by Arturo Delogu and Luisa Perfetto from the Artemide Association. Aeneas, Dedalus, the Sibylus accompany us in this "Journey Through Time".
Phlegrean aperitif at the Temple of Isis.
Participation Ticket: € 10,00 + € 4,00 for entrance ticket to Cuma Archaeological Park
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3343329500 - 3471594511 - - ??

Hunting myths at Averno lake
Legambiente City Flegrea
Pozzuoli - Giardino dell'Orco, Lago d'Averno
From 10 - 12

The Legambiente Circle City Flegrea in its projects of education, enhancement and environmental protection proposes: Hunting myths at Lake Averno.
The cumana Sibyl and volunteers of the circle will take you by the hand on the shores of the lake. There will be a naturalistic, archaeological and mythological explanation of the lake for young and old children and family games.

For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3311636020
Participation fee € 5 for adults and € 3 for children. Adapted from 5 years of age

Shake and Jam
Flying, Coffee Brecht, Cantine dell'Averno
Pozzuoli - Averno Lake 

At 6.30 PM
An evening to enjoy the beautiful lake, to discover the myths and stories of the Flegrei Fields ... an evening to discover the beauty of theatrical improvisation ... and dulcis in the end to enjoy the good of the Fields Flegrei ... we will conclude the evening with a first to km 0 And wine doc At the Wineries of the Winter
Participation Ticket € 15.00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3496537921 -
The event will be held for a minimum of 15 participants and in case of adverse weather conditions will be postponed

Music in the court - Stories, sounds and suggestions in the Fusaro Royal Site
Association for Royal Sites and Bourbon Residences ONLUS Partner: Falco Civil Protection Volunteer
Bacoli Casina Vanvitelliana Lake Fusaro
At 6:30 PM
The story of the music at the Bourbon court in the background of a suggestive sunset. The Association for Real Sites and the Borboniche Onlus Residences presents a special event to rediscover, with a live performance, the court music at Carlo and Ferdinando di Borbone's time during the guided tour of the Casina Vanvitelliana complex.
Reservations by Friday 15 September at 20:00
Participation Ticket € 12.00 - € 10.00 Members Real Sites
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3891034905 -

Walking with the Wolf!
Agriturismo Don Salvatore
Monte di Procida - Agriturismo Don Salvatore
At 11.30 PM
Under the citrus fruits of the Azienda Agricola Km 0, we put the "plaid with an exceptional wolf", the chef Luigi Colandrea. Each participant will be welcomed with the classic "bundle", packed with all delicacies. We will continue with grilled and fried to taste "fingertips" dancing on the South Bridges Canteens.
Participation Ticket € 23,00 for adults - € 15,00 for children, drinks included
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 0815231452 - 3299657837 -
Agriturismo Don SalvatoreVia Cappella, 313 Monte of Procida

The Café of the Fields Flegrei meets spices from the world
Ancient Roasting "Cafe Delizia"
Bacoli - Roasting Delizia
At 6.00 PM
A journey of history, aromas and taste, in which Cafe Delizia, the artisan roasting of the Flegrei Fields, which roasts its coffee with precious woods, will spice spices of various origins using the Neapolitan cuckoo. You can also taste pastries made with antique flour. The trail will be accompanied by readings on the history of coffee, spices and delicious coffee.
Free admission
For info and booking tel. 081/8543043 - 3351918393
Ancient Roasting Cafe Delizia Via Cuma, 79 Bacoli

LA GRANDE ABBUFFATA, a contest of enogastronomic short films
Giuseppe Borrone, Maria Di Razza, Association of Flegrei Fields at the Table
Cellars Tenuta Matilde Zasso

At 6:00 PM
The exhibition will feature works of fiction and documentaries that enhance the link between image language and the world of food. The projection of the selected courts will be preceded by a guided tour of the Wineries and will culminate with the proclamation of the best short and wine tasting D.O.C. Of the Tenuta Matilde Zasso and typical products of the Flegrei Fields offered by Salsamenteria Sarracino Sciaccuttiell. During the evening will be presented the docufilm "OrtArte - consonanze" by the artist Vincenzo Aulitto.
Free admission, subject to reservation: n ° 3476277538 -
Via Vicinale La Schiana 31, Pozzuoli (NA

Prize Campi Flegrei

Palazzo Migliaresi Rione Terra POZZUOLI

At 6 PM

Ceremony of Ceremony and Opening Photo Exhibition by Flegrea PHOTO
National Photo Contest recommended by FIAF Italian Federation of Photographic Associations. | Free admission. | - 3926421465


By boat and bike: from Lake Miseno to the Bagno di Bacco between sea, bike path and good wine Lagovivo - Baths of Bacco
Bacoli meeting point Villa Comunale c / o pontile n ° 1 at 10,00 AM
Lake Miseno, Miseno Lake Bicycle Trail, Baths of Bacchus
10.30 hrs LAGOVIVO charter boats and bicycles, excursions on Lake Miseno, ferry boat.
ITINERARY: Boat tour with tour guide on Lake Miseno and directions to Navale della Fotta Romana; (Max 20 people per tour).
Use of bikes made available by Lagovivo for a terrestrial itinerary along the cycle path that can be reached on the shore of Lago Miseno (max 12 people per lap). It is possible to bring your own bike and stop at the Cycas Cafè for an aperitif.
12.00 pm Bagni di Bacco relaxation and vinotherapy Miliscola Campi Flegrei
Bagni di Bacco: a structure surrounded by nature and vineyards at the foot of Monte di Procida. With the farmer you will discover the Farm and Screws of Piedirosso and Falanghina.
You will relax on a comfortable cot on a green lawn for swimming pool with salt water (Natural Salt) and tasting of wines produced by the company.
Participation Ticket € 13.00 per person
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3924153474 -

Lake Miseno and the Mirable Pool From the Lake to the Vineyards Lagovivo - Mirabile Pool Farm
Bacoli meeting point Villa Comunale c / o pontile n ° 1 hour 15,45
Lago Miseno, Pool Mirabile (Roman tank), Mirabile Winery Farm Mirabile
16.00 hrs LAGOVIVO charter boats and bicycles
Boat tour with tour guide on Lake Miseno and directions to Navale della Fleet Romana; (Max 20 people per tour).
At 5.30 pm Mirabile Swimming Pool Farm
Visits to the Mirabile Pool, the vineyards and the cellar of the farm
Entrance to the Mirabile Swimming Pool, the largest tank ever to come from antiquity.
Visit the Mirabile Pool Farm just 100m away, in the vineyard and in the cellar. The Tour will end with tasting of typical food and wine products of the Flegrea tradition.
Ticket participation € 10,00 per person.
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3924153474 -

Capo Miseno: Myths and healing herbs with ancestral rhythms
Culture Adventure and
Bacoli - head of Capo Miseno
At 9.30 AM
Do you want to know the MOZZAFIATO SCENARIO of Capo Miseno and the therapeutic qualities of some healing herbs with CENNI DI RITMI ANCESTRALI?
The Lory guide along with Danielle, a holistic expert, will let you know the history, mythology, nature, and ancestral rhythms of this supreme place.
The stage walk is ADATTA AL FAMIGLIE with children from 8 years on under the close supervision of parents.
Duration approximately two hours at a very relaxed pace.
It will follow, only by reservation you can taste a delicious panoramic menu.
Participation Ticket € 5 per person free of charge (not suitable for children under 8 years) minimum 20 participants.
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3394195725 - -

The thousand shades of Torrefumo
Cultural Associazione Sinergie Campane - Cultural Association Vivara Onlus - Friends of the Small Islands - Archaeological Theater - Pro Loco of Monte di Procida
Mount of Procida - Location Torrefumo
At 5.00 PM
Torrefumo is an enchanting trail, an iconographic museum, a place of history, a realm for biodiversity, a natural scenery, a corner full of emotions ... A walk will allow you to "admire" the thousands of shades of this lovely Montalcino corner To be thrilled with theatrical interventions by Archè.
Ticket participation € 7,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 333 35 77 746 - 347 78 45 281 -
We recommend Comfortable clothing, use of environmentally friendly means,
PARKING: Parking signs indicated at 10 meters from the boarding