Saturday, September 9


Terra Flegrea Food Archeo and Canoe - Navigating as ancient heroes

Culture Adventure and, ArteMide Association - Cantine dell'Averno - Complesso Lo Scoglio, Lido Montenuovo

Pozzuoli - Lido Monte Nuovo 

at 11:00 AM

Do you want to spend an hour relaxing in CANOA OPEN between MYTHOLOGY and a TASTY MARINE BASE? The fun canoeing with Lory's guide (also for families) begins with a lesson-base, after the guided tour you will be fascinated by a special acting actress named "TERRA FLEGREA"  with Luisa Perfetto and Arturo Delogu ... follow brindisi And sea-based dish.
Participation ticket € 20,00 per person, minimum 14 adults, children up to 8 years free canoe if accompanied by 2 adults (children must bring their armrests)
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 339.41.95.725

The Phlegrean Basket and Campania Territories

Slow Food Camps Flegrei in collaboration with Slow Food Campania

Il Giardino dell'Orco, Pozzuoli

Campania finds a home in the Phlegrean Fields: the well-established Flegreo Basket welcomes Malazè for the entire regional biodiversity made of products and stories. The Producers Market will be enriched by Taste Laboratories and the presentation of the Slow Food Campania Project "Terra Madre in Campania".
Hours 10.00 - Opening of the market
11.00 pm - Taste Laboratory
12.00 pm - Taste Laboratory
15.00 - Conference of Slow Foods Campania
18.00 - Presentation of the project "Stories of Campania"
Free entry
For info tel. 3496936357 - -

Journey, with Poleus, in the gastronomic history of the Flegrei Fields: 6 dishes for 6 epochs

Ruggiero Peluso e La Cucina di Ruggiero

Pozzuoli - Lake Lucrino

At 08:30 AM

Ruggiero "Poleus" will lead you into a magical and fascinating journey into the gastronomic world. The journey will start from the gastronomic finds of the island of Vivara and Nola, then passing for the Greek cuisine: archaic and classic, for that of the Roman imperial, medieval and finally the journey into the flavors and odors of the food of the ancient world , Will end with one of the dishes of the kitchen closest to us of the Bourbon era, come and find out which ...
Participation Ticket € .30,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 0818687473 - 3338475510
Via Lucrino Around Lake, 3 Pozzuoli

Archeo Bike Tour, by bike to combine the Archeological Museums of Naples and the Phlegrean Fields

Napoli Pedala and Bike Tour Naples

At 9 AM

The start of the cycle is from the seat of the Bicycle House at the Galleria Principe di Napoli
Naples and the Phlegrean Fields have immense archaeological wealth. The proposed tour will stimulate you to find back along the path we will cross by pedaling the exact locations of the finds of archaeological finds preserved in the two museum structures.
The difficulty level is average, the pedal will last about 5h, and will wind for about 30 km, including stops. The overall altitude is about 500 mt. With a couple of challenging climbs, including Posillipo's.
During the course you will cross sites of archaeological, natural and landscaping interest.
€ 30 participation tickets including guide, two lunches and lunch at the Azienda Agricola Cantina dell'Averno.
For info and booking, compulsory, tel.3382127542 / 3351525480 -
It is possible to rent bikes.

Mindful Yoga Path on the Avenues

APS Visit Campi Flegrei in collaboration with Ass. Liberamente and Cantine dell'Averno
Pozzuoli - Piazzetta Lucrino
At 10.30 AM
Seek serenity in contact with nature and rediscover the awareness of our body and environment around us, stressed by the warm green and the mythology of Lake Auvergne. Experienced walk on the long lake D'Averno.
During the course we will alternate moments of practice accompanied by professional yoga practitioners, mythological story of lake history, myth and legend. At the end of the picnic day immersed in nature, with brunch in the vineyard of the Wineries.
Participation Ticket € 20,00 per person
For information and booking, tel. 3803675781 -

Yoga, Bio Aperitif and Night in Tent with Zoé Animal Yoga at the Giardino dell'Orco
Zoé Animal Yoga
Pozzuoli - Giardino dell'Orco
From 17.00 on 9 September at 9.00 on September 10th
17.00 Appointment at the Garden Gardens - 17.30 Bio aperitif with the products of the Orc
20.00 Lesson Hatha Vinyasa Yoga at Sunset - Tent Night (single or double)
7.30 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga lesson
Recommended exercise mat and comfortable clothing mat. Required sleeping bag for night in tent
Ticket participation € 35,00 per person
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3802542544 - 3409718017
Minimum number of participants: minimum 5 maximum 20