Sunday, September 10

Secret Coroglio between archeology, myths and wines

Luna di Seta Association and "Scrittori in tour", Agnese Palumbo, Marco Perillo and Martin Rua

Naples - Seiano Cave

At 09:15 AM

A path narrated along the suggestive Grotto of Seiano, to emerge in the wonderful archaeological park of Posillipo on the sea, with the remains of the villa of Vedio Pollione, then belonged to the Emperor Augusto. An excursus in the stories and myths of Gaiola, Virgil at Polifemo, from legends about Nisida to horror stories about Trentaremi. Great ending in the nearby Varriale-Rosiello winery with tasting.
Archaeological Park, Seiano Grotto Entrance, Downhill Coroglio, 36, 9:15 pm.
9.30 am - 13 pm
Ticket participation € 15,00 tasting included
Reservation at no. 3298489445 - 3281317095 -
Notes: No more than 20 people per tour

Four steps to Pozzuoli
Kyme Archaeological Group - Artemide
Pozzuoli historical center
At 10.30 AM- 2.30 PM
Walk to Pozzuoli in the company of the characters played by Arturo Delogu and Luisa Perfetto of "Artemide", accompanied by archaeologists of the Kyme Archaeological Group to know the history, secrets and curiosities of Pozzuoli. Exceptional guitar master Antonio Isabettini. Tasting of Phlegrean products at the restaurateurs of Via Serapide.
Ticket participation: € 10,00 walk and aperitif - € 15,00 with tasting
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3343329500 - 3471594511 - -

Stone lovers
Geaverde Excursions
Naples - Virgilian Park
At 10.30 AM
"Vesuvius was a nobleman in Naples, madly in love with Capri, a young man of an enemy home. But their love was so opposed by their families, that ... "Capri, Vesuvius, Posillipo and many more.
They are silent protagonists of love and passion that have always been watching us from afar.
In the wonderful setting of the Virgilian Park, you will discover their stories.
Ticket participation € 5,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 338 4703516 -

Antrum immane
Pozzuoli - Archaeological Park of Cuma
At 11.00 AM
An opportunity to relive the most famous myth of the territory as Virgil narrated.
We will pass through the streets of the ancient city of Cuma, guided by the suggestion of the myth through the tales of our narrator, then assisting in dramatization in costume, freely taken from the book of the 6th Anneus immane, the encounter between Aeneas and the Sibilla
Participation Ticket € 6,00 (excluding entrance to archaeological site)
For booking info, mandatory, tel. 3496537921 -

Forests of Cuma the Lucciole dance, the wine of the Isis, Dionysus and ...
Culture Adventure and
Pozzuoli Regional Forest of Cuma
At 5:30 PM
Do you want to experience an experience of nature, mythology and taste? The guide will take you by strolling through the Cuma forest to the Isis Temple and through a Rhythmic, Sensorial path, tied to the forest symbol, the fireflies, we will arrive at the dune to sauté to God the Bacchus.
Duration about 2 hours
Only after reservation can you taste a typical menu.
Ticket participation € 10,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 339.41.95.725 -
Notes: The event will be held for a minimum of 20 participants and in case of adverse weather conditions will be postponed


Vulcan, vintage cyclopass

Napoli Pedala and Bike Tour Naples
The departure of the bike tour is from Bicycle House, Galleria Principe di Napoli.
Hours 7.00
Vulcanica, a vintage cyclopassette, is the event where you can show off bicycles and vintage clothes, where a bit of trouble and fatigue do not break, where the eye wants its part, and where, in the end, the smile will have a Greater altitude than the pathway.
The proposed tour is of medium / high difficulty level, it will last about 5h including stays. Along the way there are stops at famous wine-growing companies that will open their own cellars to taste their beautiful wines and visit their vineyards.
The route is demanding (will follow a detailed sheet) and will wind for about 60/70 km and 1500 meters in altitude, crossing Naples and the Communes of Flegrei in Pozzuoli and Bacoli.
During the course you will cross sites of archaeological, natural and landscaping interest.
Ticket participation € 10 euro including insurance and two rents at the wine cellars to be visited.
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3382723767- 3382127542

Nature Walk in the Forest
Ass. Natura Sottosopra
Regional Forest of Cuma and Mount of Cuma
At 10.30 AM

The Cuma Regional Forest extends for about 80 hectares and is a protected area of the Flegrean Field Regional Park. The itinerary involves the passage from the coastal dune to the "vegetational" system typical of the Mediterranean scrub to reach the "lettuce". In addition, the site also has an historical-archaeological importance witnessed by the presence of the Temple of Isis and the Bunkers of World War II. The excursion has no technical difficulties due to the lack of altitude and the length of the stretch to be traversed.
Activities addressed to everyone.
Participation ticket € 5,00 per person
For info and booking, mandatory, tel 3337750417 -


Mini-Olympics Pozzuoli

Legambiente City Flegrea
Serapide Temple
From 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 5pm
The Circle of Legambiente Flegrea city presents morning and afternoon two shifts in which adults and children will be engaged in recreational activities at Serapide Temple of Pozzuoli. For children from 4 to 12 years, the Mini Olympics will be organized, which will see the various children's teams engaged in a series of outdoor games, some borrowed from the ancient world and other modern ones.
Associative contribution: 5 € per adult and 3 € per child.
It should be remembered that those who own the Legambiente Flegrea City Club and Campania children's cards are entitled to a 10% reduction on the activities. Also for groups of (10 people) there is a reduction of 20% contribution.
Booking by 1/9/17 at 6 pm to no. 3311636020 -

Cumani bicycles
Percorsi Cumani
Pozzuoli - Piazza March 2, 1970
At 10.00 AM
The Pozzuoli historic center, for one morning, will return to be a playground for the children of Cumani. With their bikes they will walk through the streets and squares, to the fascinating discovery of the ancient city, accompanied by wise masters who will tell the story ...
But all these energies to spend need a good snack. Before starting to ride, it will be offered to all those who will participate in this two-wheeled day, a genuine sweet and a juice.
Ticket participation € 3,00 includes: honorary membership card, snack, tutoring and animation
Booking is recommended: tel. 3397866753 - 3495568210 -

Three-column Vineyard - Contemporary Painting
Kyme Archaeological Group and Master Antonio Isabettini
Pozzuoli - Temple of Serapide
At 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM
Painting competition open to affirmed artists and young students. A happening to live a day of art and friendship. The event will end with the awarding of the finest works submitted to the screening of a jury of critics and art experts. During the day, varied artwork.
Ticket participation € 10,00 € 5,00 for students of art institutes
For info: 3343329500-3477063778 -