Sunday, September 17

Baia Castle "Panoramas and Treasures in the company of the Isis Goddess".
Culture Adventure and
Bacoli - Baia Castle
At 9.00 AM
Do you dream of a mythological panorama and Treasures to discover?
For adults and families a walk led by the goddess Isis to the discovery of the Treasures of the castle in the company of the Lory tourist guide. To follow only by booking it is possible at the end of the tour to make a special lunch in the local area where children and adults can have fun.
Participation Ticket €. 5.00 (does not include any ticket to the museum)
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3394195725
The event will be held for a minimum of 15 people and in case of adverse weather conditions will be postponed.

Roman Quarto
Archaeological Group of the Flegrei Fields - Contrada Bivio
Quarto, via Consolare Campana
At 11.00 AM
Discover the sights and remains of the ancient vestiges of the Fourth Roman Empire, strolling through the old roadway of Puteolis-Capuam where the fourth mile fell. We will visit the "bunks", the rest area where the ancient Romans stopped for refreshment and rest, where we will taste typical local produce. Appointment at Consolare Campana, near the Circumflegrea station "Quarto Officina".
Participation Ticket € 5,00 for adults, children free
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3888352036 -

Music under the stars in the Cuma Regional Forest
Kyme Archaeological Group
Cuma - Regional Forest of Cuma
At 8,00 PM

Archeology, nature, myth, food and so much ...Music under the stars in the Cuma Regional Forest

The end of summer puteolana under the stars of the Regional Forest of Cuma.
Guided tour of the time of Isis and the so-called Roman Lighthouse to see at sunset the sun that goes down in the sea. Walking among the ancient books described by Virgil in Book VI of the Aeneid.
Tasting of typical Phlegrean products by Dr. Patrizia Isita, nutritionist biologist of the association "L'Orto Consapevole".
Participation fee € 15,00
Booking, mandatory, tel. 3343329500


Secret Cotoglio between archeology, myths and wines
Luna di seta Association and "Scrittori in tour", Agnese Palumbo, Marco Perillo and Martin Rua
Naples - Seiano Cave
At 9.15 AM
A path narrated along the suggestive Grotto of Seiano, to emerge in the wonderful archaeological park of Posillipo on the sea, with the remains of the villa of Vedio Pollione, then belonged to the Emperor Augusto. An excursus in the stories and myths of Gaiola, Virgil at Polifemo, from legends about Nisida to horror stories about Trentaremi. Great ending in the nearby Varriale-Rosiello winery with tasting.
Archaeological Park, Seiano Cave entrance, Coroglio descent, 36
9.30 am - 13 pm
Ticket participation € 15,00 tasting included
Reservation at no. 3298489445 - 3281317095 -
Notes: No more than 20 people per tour

The casinos of ... Borbone
ArteMide and Megaride Arts Association
Bacoli Casina Vanvitelliana Lake Fusaro
At 10.00 AM
Guided tour of the Casinò Vanvitelliana by the art historian Maria Girardo of the Megaride association.
Bacoli Casinos vanvitelliana at Fusaro
Interpretation and narratives of a "forgotten history" by Arturo Delogu and Luisa Perfetto of the ARTeMIDE association.
We will visit a historic vineyard in the wonderful Campi Flegrei with tasting of the excellent wines of the Di Meo family's Sibilla cellar. "Resilience: Guardians of Terra Flegrea"
For info, costs and booking, mandatory tel. n. 3471594511 - 3481149647 -

Miseno .... Between Myth and Reality
Flegreando, Misenum, Collettivo LunAzione
Bacoli - Dragonara Cave - Miseno
At 10.30 AM
An exceptional event in a magical place in search of the myth of young Miseno.
The Dragonara cave will be the location for theatrical representation on the myth of Miseno. We will also discover the ancient Misenum through a guided tour of the archaeological sites: Roman Theater, Dragonara Cave and Sacral Augustali. In conclusion, a typical tasting of typical Flegrei products will be offered
Participation Ticket € 12,00 per person
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3496537921 -
Notes: The event will be held for a minimum of 15 participants and in case of adverse weather conditions will be postponed

Procidando - At your choice
Vivara ONLUS Association
Isola di Procida
At 11.00 AM
Malazè proposes a stroll to Procida for your choice between:
1) The Corricella: a meeting with fishermen discovering their world. Visit the village of the film The Postman.
2) For gardens and gardens: between streets and lanes inside the island with a visit to "Operation Primavera" with products at Km 0
3) Visit to Vivara (if technically possible)
All the routes will end at the association with a first (with surprise recipe) and a glass of local wine for lunch. The appointment for everyone is at 10.30 at the port of Procida, returning from 5 pm. The event is limited and can be subject to cancellations or adjustments that will be communicated to the bookmakers.
Ticket € 10,00 (ferry and transport excluded)
(Any Vivara option costs 20 € - ferry and excluded transport)
Info and reservation, mandatory, tel. 3477845281 - 3477711979 -

At what time does the sun goes down to Torregaveta?
Cultural Associazione Sinergie Campane Cultural Assistance "The Ditirambo-Set of Theater Flegreo" Pro Loco of Monte di Procida
Monte di Procida - Tandem Cafè - Torregaveta
At 6.00 PM
A walk to "Torregaveta" to tell you about its history, to show you its geological shape and to excite you by admiring its sunset; Theatrical interventions by the Cultural Association "Il Ditirambo" will enrich the visit that will end with a refreshment at the Tandem Cafè
Ticket participation € 7,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 333 35 77 746 - 328 58 44 185 -

Aperitif in Vineyard, return to the origins ...
Cantina La Sibilla
Bacoli - Cantina La Sibilla
At 6.00 PM
Stroll through vineyards and Phlegrean gardens strewn with the remains of the archaeological sites of the ancient Imperial Bay.
Aperitifs under the patio of falanghina grapes with the 2016 vintage, accompanied by a simple peasant "marena" for the pleasure of a friendly evening with the peasant farmers of the Di Meo family.
Participation Ticket € 20,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel.3296007442-
Winery Sibilla - Via Ottaviano Augusto, 19 - Bacoli

Fall in love with a mussel
Restaurant Cozza Mia
Giugliano in Campania - Restaurant Cozza Mia
At 8,00 PM
Our will be a journey inside and with a product "La mosaic", present on all the tables of the inhabitants of Flegrei, there will be no information and curiosity about this ancient mussel, which came to us from the ancient Romans, such importance in that period To be present on some coins found in so many of the excavations that affected the Phlegrean fields and in particular Lake Fusaro.
This evening provides for the promotion and enjoyment of the typical products of Campania.
There are numerous ways to prepare the recipes accompanied by the wines of D.O.C. Fields of Flegrei and other typical products of the territory.
Ticket participation € 25,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3929739548 -3395867050
Restaurant Cozza Mia - Via Ripuaria, 262 - Giugliano in Campania


By boat and bike: from Lake Miseno to the Bagno di Bacco between sea, bike path and good wine Lagovivo - Bagni di Bacco
Bacoli meeting point Villa Comunale c / o pontile n ° 1
At 10.00 AM
Lake Miseno, Miseno Lake Bicycle Trail, Baths of Bacchus
10.30 hrs LAGOVIVO charter boats and bicycles, excursions on Lake Miseno, ferry boat.
ITINERARY: Boat tour with tour guide on Lake Miseno and directions to Navale della Fotta Romana; (Max 20 people per tour).
Use of the bike made available by Lagovivo for a terrestrial itinerary along the cycle path that can be reached on the shore of Lago Miseno (max 12 people per tour). It is possible to bring your own bike and stop at the Cycas Cafè for an aperitif.
12.00 pm Bagni di Bacco relaxation and vinotherapy Miliscola Campi Flegrei
Bagni di Bacco: a structure surrounded by nature and vineyards at the foot of Monte di Procida. With the farmer you will discover the Farm and Screws of Piedirosso and Falanghina.
You will relax on a comfortable cot on a green lawn for swimming pool with salt water (Natural Salt) and tasting of wines produced by the company.
Participation Ticket € 13.00 per person
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3924153474 -

Lake Miseno and the Mirable Pool From the Lake to the Vineyards Lagovivo - Mirabile Pool Farm
Bacoli meeting point Villa Comunale c / o pontile n ° 1
At 3.45 PM
Lago Miseno, Pool Mirabile (Roman tank), Mirabile Winery Farm Mirabile
16.00 hrs LAGOVIVO charter boats and bicycles
Boat tour with tour guide on Lake Miseno and directions to Navale della Fleet Romana; (Max 20 people per tour).
At 5.30 pm Mirabile Swimming Pool Farm
Visits to the Mirabile Pool, the vineyards and the cellar of the farm
Entrance to the Mirabile Swimming Pool, the largest tank ever to come from antiquity.
Visit the Mirabile Pool Farm just 100m away, in the vineyard and in the cellar. The Tour will end with tasting of typical food and wine products of the Flegrea tradition.
Ticket participation € 10,00 per person.
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 3924153474 -


Giuseppe Fortunato: "The man whispering to the bees .."
Azienda Agricola Contrada Salandra and Dolci Qualità
Pozzuoli - Monterusciello
At 9.30 AM
The appointment with Giuseppe and Alessandra is at the Monteruscello aphrodisiac, which with the support of equipment and tales will introduce children to the knowledge of the extraordinary life of bees and this delicious food. There will be a demonstration of smelling and a taste of different types of honey, propolis and pollen.
It's a way to spread the authentic honey culture, to enhance its organoleptic and healthy components, its diversity and its typicity.
The children will visit the interior of an arena and be guided by the experts from Giuseppe and Alessandra, for their safety the children will have a jacket and a mask.
Participation is free of charge, upon reservation, for up to 30 children.
The appointment is at 9.30 am near the FIMA furniture factory, Via Monteruscello n ° 22, Monteruscello tangential to Quarto.
For info and reservations: Quality Sweets - tel.0815265258

The Malazè of Campania For Children
CAMPANIA PER BIMBI with the network of its members: Favoliamo, Melagioco, Agrigiochiamo, Viviana Hutter, Fabbrica del Divertimento, Giardino dell’ Orco, Il Mondo di Naty, Tutti giù per Terra, Masseria Giò Sole and many others
Pozzuoli - Giardino dell'Orco, Lago d'Averno

At 11,00 AM
A weekend dedicated to children and "family" coordinated by Campania for Bimbi with a series of activities and workshops organized by Campania's partners for Bimbi, ranging from gardening activities, creative writing activities, music activities to Knowledge through the game of Phlegrean products.
Many activities for a child-friendly network in the Phlegraan Fields
Ticket participation From € 5,00 to € 10,00 per lab
For info and reservations tel. 3205776789 - 3475650976 -