Thursday, September 7

The blue fish in the Mediterranean diet, health benefits

G.O.R.I Doctors: Dr. Raffaele, Regional Director ARTOI; Dr. Armando D'Orta

Bacoli - Restaurant La Cucina di Veneere

At 20.30 PM

"Blue fish in the Mediterranean diet, health benefits" with industry experts who will explain the effects on our bodies through the ingestion of blue fish daily and an all-fish-based tasting menu that reflects our traditions Puteolane, matched with wine from the cellar Matilde Zasso, is therefore a journey between traditional local cuisine, the culture that has been lost to eat sea food, and health.
Ticket participation € 30,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 0818545439 -
Restaurant The Kitchen of Venus - Via Lucullo, 112- Bacoli