Tuesday, September 19

The geothermal pizza in the hell of Totò
10 Pizzeria
Pozzuoli - Solfatara volcano
At 7:30 PM
The event is inspired by Totò in the fiftieth year since his death, linking the great actor with Solfatara, the place where the fun scenes of 47 dead who spoke and Toto in hell were shot.
During the evening, the geothermal pizza made by Diego Vitagliano will be served using the dough that will be prepared and made to rise using the unique climate conditions of the place.
Ticket participation € 10,00
This event will be a charity for the Poor's Meal at the San Gennaro di Pozzuoli Sanctuary, which for years has been assisting migrants and people experiencing strong economic and social discomfort
Info and reservation, mandatory, tel. 08119369716 - info@10pizzeria.it

Malzè upgrade: the community lab starts
Creactivitas Creative Economy Lab, ADI Association for Industrial Design territorial delegation Campania, Fondazione Pietà de 'Turchini 

Pozzuoli, Villa Avellino Historic Residence
At 5:30 PM
Malazè's activities have generated, over the years, a wealth of knowledge and relationships capable of activating collaborative practices and enabling innovation processes in which, from time to time, social value and economic value have mutually been contaminated by strengthening social cohesion and Competitiveness of the Phlegraan Fields. To strengthen, and not disperse, this precious experience and translate it into design capacity to support the territory is born: Malazè no profit community lab. Presentation Conference in collaboration with Creactivitas Creative Economy Lab, ADI Association for Industrial Design Campania Provincial Delegation, Pietà de 'Turchini Foundation.
Info: at n ° 0813036812 - Via Carlo Maria Rosini, n ° 21 - Pozzuoli