Wednesday, September 13

Without salt there is more taste
Angelo Carannante (Restaurant Caracol) and Enzo Di Giovanni (Calamoresca Restaurant)
Bacoli - Cape Miseno - Caracol Restaurant
4-Hand Tasting Dinner with Two Diamond Tips of the Gulls Group: Chef Angelo Carannante of the Caracol restaurant, newborn but well-established local for guormand and good food lovers, and Enzo Di Giovanni, a historic and affirmed chef of the group, by many Year reference point. The evening, almost a game, will see the presence of some courses, prepared anonymously, without first knowing the chef, but above all without the addition of salt. The purpose of the evening is to sensitize to a conscious use of salt, element very present in our kitchen and often abused.
Participation Ticket: € 60.00 Wine and Drinks Included.
Reservation: mandatory (limited places) at n ° 0815233052
Restaurant Caracol, Via Faro n ° 44, Bacoli