Wednesday, September 6

Praise to the baccalà! The land meets the sea ... with the wines of the Campi Flegrei!

Osteria D.O.C.

Pozzuoli, Osteria D.O.C. By Bernardo Pareres

At 8:00PM

Praise to the baccalà with stories and recipes of grandmothers and old aunts. Of the 365 ways to cook cod, we propose 7 ... and 7 will be the doc wines that will accompany him.
7 ways, 7 passions, 7 secrets, 7 stories of baccalà.
The baccala has always been considered the fish of the poor, today with supremacy and pride triumphs on starboards.
Ticket participation € 30,00
For info and booking, mandatory, tel. 0815262835 - 3479757977 -
Osteria D.O.C., Corso Umberto I °, n. 181 - Pozzuoli