About us

Born from the idea of Rosario Mattera to promote the beauties and the several tourist and cultural proposals of an area just outside Naples, not so popular yet, Malazè is the food & wine and archeological event of the Phlegraean Fields.
The event is taking place yearly over the first weeks of September, in the towns of Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Monte di Procida, Quarto, Isola di Procida and part of the city of Naples, to show case the best typical products of a little known area, though rich in artistic, archeological and environmental heritage.
Over the years Malazè has become a diffused laboratory of territorial innovation where, based on creativity and culture, new ways of development are experimented and activated, and combine the protection and the promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage and the landscape, with food, community, new technologies, design and running business,  a dimension where development, identity and sustainability come together.


The Origin of the name “Malazzè”

by Raffaele Giamminelli

Every dialectal vocabulary ignored the noun “malazzè”. This is a term coming directly from the seafaring origin and it should be used only in the area of Pozzuoli, even if still today the newgenerations ignore its etymology.
During the ‘50s, when ancient traditions were still present, houses and stores on the ground floor, not yet transformed into the common modern use, were designed to specific life needs, […] they were used as a warehouse for fishing tools and houses that overlooked the port had openings that allowed stocking boats. These were the malazzè: “magazzino-magazzeno-malazzè”.





Rosario Mattera – Creator

Adriana Intilla – Organizing secretariat

Costantino Sgamato – Event guide, concept and graphic realization, video

Ciro Biondi – Press office and external relations

Nando Salemme – Organizing secretariat

Marina Sgamato – Photography and website

Massimo Di Dato – Instagram profile management

Tommaso Luongo – Relations with wineries

Anna Ciotola – Relations with wineries

Grafica Montese – Printer

Pierluigi Musto – Organizing secretariat

Luisa Perfetto – Organizing secretariat

Enzo Buono – Photographs

Arturo Delogu – Organizing secretariat

Fabio Borghese – Relations with the academic world and players

Marco Breccia – Social media management

Rita Scialdone – Organizing secretariat

Emanuela Capuano – Organizing secretariat

Giulio Gambardella – Organizing secretariat

Anna MasuottoloOrganizing secretariat

Monica Carannante Organizing secretariat

Margherita Rizzuto Organizing secretariat

Antonio Manduca – Design Malazè App